Aircraft Record Management

Aurion Aero Lease Management solution is aimed at building the requisite maintenance records for all maintenance that is carried out by the operator. The activities that shall be carried out by Aurion Aero during the course of module II deals with continuous tracking of maintenance and generation of requisite records to include:

Development of Back To Birth Traceability Records that trace all maintenance carried out from the time of acquisition of the asset.

Maintenance of Daily Technical Log

Maintenance of Service Bulletin’s And Airworthiness Directive Compilation

Development & maintenance of Engine, APU & Landing Gear Shop Visit Records

Scrutiny of Daily Work Packages Records including Dirty Finger Prints (DFP)

Major Maintenance Work Package Records including Dirty Finger Prints

STC Package Records

Maintenance of Components Certificates

Maintenance of Limited Life Parts (LLP) Library

Maintenance of Authorised Release Certificates Document

Maintenance of Boroscope Reports

Maintenance of Non-OEM originated modifications, Engineering Order data packages

Maintenance of Discrepancy Reports & Corrective Actions undertaken to correct the discrepancies

Maintenance of the Aircraft Library

Development & delivery of a monthly Management Information System (MIS) on Aircraft Records to the air operator.

Aircraft Record Management provides the operator with a complete set of documentation that is critical to depict maintenance having been carried out as per stated requirements of the lessor. Aircraft Record Management is also an essential component towards ensuring compliance with the regulatory authorities requirements and maintaining the value of the asset. The entire set of documents would be audited by the lessor at the time of redelivery and would form the basis for negotiations with the lessor in case of any discrepancy.

The deployment of M Aircraft Record Management is not a one-time activity, but an activity that is undertaken as a continuous process until the asset is delivered back to the lessor. It involves considerable effort to ensure adequacy and accuracy of the records and most operators do not have the capability to deploy such effort on an unbroken footing. If a carrier desires to employ its own resources, it would also entail significant amount of monetary investment for a limited number of aircrafts & therefore does not provide any economies of scale.