Education & Training Company.


Alehtiraf Education & Training Co. – part of the Mohawarean International Group, is one of Saudi Arabia’s premier suppliers of professional and technical training. Alehtiraf Education & Training Co. has a vision to be the leading company in promoting education, learning and training, both academic and vocational, to fulfill the learning needs of today’s society in the Region.


Aurion IMOS – Establishment & Management of Aviation & Business Management Training Portfolio

Aurion Aviation Advisors were chosen by Alehtiraf Education & Training Co. to establish and manage the Aviation & Business Management Training portfolio for and on behalf of Alehtiraf Education & Training Co. for a period of three years.

Aurion Aviation Advisors shall acquire the requisite accreditation from various global accrediting bodies with a view to providing globally acclaimed aviation & business management education within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Upon acquisition of accreditation, Aurion Aviation Advisors shall also manage the entire portfolio to ensure growth and stability of the portfolio for a period of three years.

Aurion Aviation Advisors shall provide a whole host of aviation & business management courses through Alehtiraf Education & Training Co. to include: Aurion Learning Web Based Training Modules, Soft Skill Courses for Business Houses & Individuals, Aircraft Maintenance Training Programs, ACBSP Accredited MBA Program and Short Business programs, such as Harvard Manage Mentor programs.