Artificial Intelligence and Big Data based IT Solutions

Aurion IT Solutions are focused on developing Artificial Intelligence based IT Solutions combining Big Data Technologies and Machine Language. These solutions are Next Generation Technology provides innovative advantages to industries through customising their solutions for an increase in revenue; reduce cost and enhancing critical decision through digital decision support. We provide services to following industries.


  • Revenue increase solutions (Market penetration, channel shift, and price customisation)
  • Ancillary revenue solutions (Multiple revenue streams, channel partners etc.)
  • Cost reduction solution (Sales, production, operations etc.))
  • Customer engagement solutions (Mobile apps, customer feedback, promotions etc.)
  • Digital decision support solutions (Operations, marketing, pricing, loyalty programs etc.)
  • Aircraft maintenance cost reduction solutions (Engine TOT reduction, supply chain etc.)
  • Airport and inflight duty-free revenue maximisation solutions (Off site sales, product customisation and profile based promotion)


  • Revenue maximisation solutions – (Individual customer life cycle based product promotion)
  • Demand - supply and pricing digital decision support
  • Waste reduction solutions (Real time data based digital decision to reduce waste)
  • Customer engagement solutions

Banking & Financial Services

Aurion provides bespoke solutions to BFSI industry concentrating on revenue maximisation, fraud prevention, and channel partner synergy

  • Ancillary revenue solutions (Value driven synergy based channel promotions; credit risk based increase revenue through debt and credit Card etc.)
  • Chanel partner synergy solutions (Data driven channel partnership)
  • Fraud prevention and investigation (Predictive system based alert system, machine language driven data collection, analysis, and report creation etc.)

Oil & Gas

Aurion provides niche end services focused on Big Data Analytics and Digital Decision Support Systems

  • Off shore data capture and ERP data integration (Raw data integration with core ERP and data analytics)
  • Cost reduction solutions (Data driven analytics and feedback based cost reduction solutions)


Telecom solutions are focussed on increasing revenue and reducing cost

  • Revenue maximisation solutions
  • Digital revenue management decision support