Case Studies

Aurion IMOS®

Aurion IMOS® (Interim Management & Operational Stabilization) is the signature product designed to infuse benchmarked operational expertise, and proven managerial skill towards managing an organization on a transient basis and steering it towards growth. Perceptibly, Aurion IMOS® is a medium-term solution (06 to 24 months) aimed at infusing operational know-how combined with providing key personnel with industry expertise who handhold the organization until such time that it matures to stability, furthermore Aurion will develop, train and transfer highly specialized skills and services to the client.


Aurion Turnkey®

Aurion Turnkey® is a platform that has been designed to aid organizations in the management of short-term projects or events (01 to 06 months) without disrupting normal operations. As suggested by the term Turnkey, Aurion takes upon itself the responsibility of achieving the short-term objectives by managing the short-term project or event for and on behalf of the parent organization. Thus, enabling the client to focus on conduct of normal operations and the client does not have to agonize about management of the short-term project or event. Aurion Turnkey is exceptionally well-suited to assist an organization achieve exponential growth with minimum disruption to normal operations and maximum efficiency.


Aurion Discovery®

Aurion Discovery – A Platform designed to aid management in developing futuristic business strategies and to test in real world using artificial intelligence and big data technologies. These tools are developed to explore revenue increase and cost reduction opportunities. Aurion Discovery program simulate hypothesis and validate the results (Proof of Concept) before being implemented. This program is ideally suited for advance business strategies in revenue management, cost reduction, new business ventures etc.