Aurion Discovery® Case Study

Aurion Discovery® – Self-Handling by Gulf Air at Bahrain Airport – 2011

Aurion was requested by Gulf Air to simulate a business & operational plan for the conduct of self-handling at Bahrain International Airport to ensure better service standards for the hub-carrier above and below the wing. Aurion evaluated the current operations and contrasted it with the costs and benefits of undertaking self-handling without engaging the ground service provider.

Discovery Program resulted in abandoning the Self Handling Program.

Aurion Discovery® – Dedicated Airline for Religious Tourism – 2013

Aurion was commissioned by Saudi Arabian Airlines to develop a comprehensive business, operational and financial plan for the establishment of a Strategic Business Unit to exclusively manage the Umrah & Hajj Charter Operations.

Aurion undertook extensive research into various aspects of the two pilgrimages in general and the aviation segment in particular to overcome the sheer lack of historical data on the subject. It also employed innovative data analysis tools to sieve through the large quantity of raw data that it was able to generate and generate a plan that reflected real-life operations to the fullest extent possible.

Aurion also developed an all-encompassing financial model that tested various financial and operational scenarios in order to provide Saudi Arabian Airlines with the optimal choice of aircraft and their ownership, sectors, flight and ground operations, etc. The business plan, the operational plan, and the financial model were meshed together by Aurion to provide Saudi Arabian Airlines with a prime solution for establishing and managing an SBU for Umrah & Hajj Operations.

Aurion Discovery® – Oman Air Ground Operations Strategy

Aurion conducted the Ground Operations Product Audit for and on behalf of Oman Air to examine the operational, safety and service efficiency within Oman Air and contrast the same with international benchmarks for all the three.

Aurion examined the Ground Operations and contrasted the same with international benchmarks to arrive at various gaps that needed to be satiated by Oman Air to ensure the levels of performance that Oman Air wanted to provide to its customers. Aurion also provided Oman Air with a gap analysis report that not only detailed the gaps but also provided recommendations to rectify the gaps. Aurion Discovery® Program resulted in Oman Air seeking Joint Venture Partners to facilitate the growth strategy.

As part of the Ground Operations Product Audit, Aurion also conducted a business workshop for the Senior Management personnel of Oman Air Ground Operations, which took them through various business scenarios by means of a simulation that aimed to simulate multiple business situations that they needed to cope with.

Aurion Discovery® – Oman Air Sales Strategy 2017

Aurion Conducted and extensive analysis of Oman Air current Sales practices and develop Four Way Strategy using Artificial Intelligence and & Big Data Analytics.
1. Enhanced Customer Engagement
2. Revenue Increase
3. Sales Cost Reduction
4. Digital Decision Support

The Discovery Process highlighted the opportunities for
1. Increase the customer engagement by 380%
2. Revenue increase by 8.2%,
3. Sales Cost Reduction by 3.4%
4. Automate 52% of the sales process through Digital Decision Support System

Aurion Discovery® – Maintenance Cost Reduction

Aurion developed and delivered a comprehensive Emergency Response Planning & Management Course for Jet Airways Senior Management personnel.

Jet Airways engaged Aurion to conduct extensive Maintenance review using Aurion Discovery® Program. Aurion Discovery® program benchmarked entire maintenance program and created a dashboard. The Program achieved following results:
1. 19.2% cost reduction in engine maintenance
2. 12.7% reduction in work force cost
3. New zero based budgeting