Aurion IMOS® Case Study

Aurion IMOS® – Growth & Expansion Strategy and Implementation – NAS, Kuwait

Aurion undertook the Stabilization, Growth & Expansion Strategy & Implementation project for and on behalf of NAS by leveraging its marquee long-term management tool – Interim Management & Operations Stabilization (IMOS). Aurion built the strategy with the aim of ensuring the stability of operations along with cumulative growth and implemented the same by forging strategic partnerships in the Indian subcontinent for and on behalf of NAS Kuwait. Aurion provided interim management support to the fledgling organization in India and ensured operational constancy prior to handing over the operations to the management team. Aurion also facilitated the Indian entity in winning the prestigious Mumbai Airport ground handling concession and furthermore getting 12-airport concession in India. Aurion also facilitated NAS Global (Parent) in achieving concession in Jordan, Sudan, and Tanzania etc.

Aurion IMOS® – United Nations – Establishment of MONUC Flight Operations & Flight Safety Systems, Democratic Republic of Congo

Aurion undertook the task of structuring the entire flight operations for the massive relief operations that the United Nations® undertook at MONUC. Aurion also provided training in the fields of Safety, Quality & Emergency Response Management that has enabled the MONUC mission to maintain a very high standard of flight operations with an extremely good safety record. Aurion was awarded the United Nations Award for providing extraordinary service and for aiding flight safety within MONUC.

Aurion IMOS® – Post Merger & Integration – Saudi Ground Services

Aurion was selected by the SGS Board of Directors from amongst a pool of highly reputed advisory firms for the merger and integrating the three ground handling companies into one entity. Aurion structured a phased integration process that was aimed at ensuring seamless integration without disturbing the everyday operations of the three entities that could not be put on hold.

As part of the phased approach, the first phase was aimed at:

  • Preparing the three organizations for the merger along with laying down the foundation for the new entity to be functional in terms of organizational structure, organizational policies Structuring a new service level agreements with clients & service providers
  • Integration of personnel, homogenization of salaries/ other emoluments
  • Integration of airport operations processes & procedures
  • Integration of support function processes & procedures

The second phase involved

  • Implementation of the processes & procedures along with the commencement of operations as a singular entity
  • Aurion provided onsite support to the management team at the headquarter level, as well as at the airport level to ensure that there was no disturbance in the functioning of the entire organization.

Aurion not only achieved the entire merger & integration ahead of schedule but also without any operational disturbances or personnel issues. The seamless integration of the three companies has firmly established SGS on a path of growth and consolidation wherein SGS has been engineered to leverage the strengths of all the three entities to merge into a culture of excellence, furthermore, Aurion assisted SGS for IPO and created SAR 7.2 Billion Company within three years of mergers.

Aurion IMOS® – SGS Training Centre

Aurion was entrusted with the task of establishing and managing the Saudi Ground Services Training Centres in Jeddah & Riyadh through a bidding process that witnessed the participation of the titans of aviation training.

Aurion leveraged the proven strengths of Aurion IMOS and commenced the task by conducting a comprehensive system-wide Training Need Analysis that compared and revealed training requirements that had to be met in order to achieve organizational goals, such as 100% compliance with GACA training requirements and the achievement of ISAGO accreditation.

Based on the Training Need Analysis, Aurion structured a training plan that was designed to achieve the organizational goals within the shortest possible timeframe and utilizing minimal resources. Aurion designed and deployed innovative tools, such as the web based training modules, to bridge the training gap and train a large workforce that was drawn from three separate organizations prior to the merger.

Aurion also achieved IATA accreditation for and on behalf of the training school in the form of IATA Regional Training Partner & IATA Authorized Training Center in order to boost the credentials of the training centre. Aurion also provided the much-needed instructional resources with international accreditation to the training centre. Aurion has trained over 12,000 Saudi Ground Services personnel per annum in various facets of ground handling operations, along with management training for middle and senior management personnel.

Aurion IMOS® – GAA Ground Operations Portfolio Establishment & Management

Aurion was tasked with the responsibility of establishing and managing the ground operations portfolio of courses for and on behalf of GAA. The task was undertaken by leveraging Aurion IMOS®, wherein Aurion managed the development and implementation of required strategic objectives and handed over the operations post-implementation back to the principal.

Aurion commenced the process by establishing the training process in the form of a Learning Management System as well as a Training Manual for Ground Operations. It then acquired IATA Regional Training Partnership & IATA Authorized Training Centre accreditation for and on behalf of GAA and utilized its own instructional resources (IATA accredited instructors) to deliver ground operations and safety courses for a period of 12 months. The entire portfolio was handed over to GAA after the completion of 12 months of training.

Aurion IMOS® – Establishment & Management MRO – NAGS

Aurion worked with NAGS to develop the business & financial model for the establishment and management of the Line Maintenance Facility in Saudi Arabia. Aurion leveraged Aurion IMOS® to undertake the entire activity of structuring the operations, acquiring GACA & EASA accreditation for the Line Maintenance Services and marketing the services offered by NAGS.

Aurion also provided training to the certifying staff along with non-certifying staff through the Aurion Learning Web Based Training portal to ensure that all staff possesses updated qualification. Aurion also marketed the services and acquired business for and on behalf of NAGS for the duration of the contract.


Aurion was engaged by AISATS, a Joint venture between SATS Singapore and Air India to restructure their operations at pan India level and achieve training and operational excellence. Aurion used its international experience in managing diverse cultural entities and process to develop a world-class ground handling system. The project resulted in seamless operations at pan India level, trained over 8000 ground handling and 300 management staff and achieved ISAGO certification within 6 months.