Aircraft Lease Review

Aurion Aero shall review Aircraft & Engine lease return conditions, conduct a physical inspection of the Aircraft in order to assess the current condition of the aircraft, review existing records, assess valuation deficiency (if any), develop corrective measures for valuation deficiency & create an aircraft specific library for conditions that need to be met in order to ensure a smooth redelivery of aircraft to the lessor.

The review of the lease agreement, in terms of maintenance requirements is an essential element in the entire process of lease management. It enables the air operator’s maintenance department to understand the critical requirements in the maintenance of the aircraft so as to not to incur any unnecessary costs at the time of redelivery. Furthermore, a review of the lease agreement results in the development of standards against which the maintenance and documentation need to be carried out by the operator and can be shown as having been carried out at the time of returning the asset.

Aurion Aero has the capability to carryout a review of the lease agreement and develop the standards for maintenance that need to be carried out and to correct any deviation that may have occurred during the deployment of the aircraft by the operator. Module 1 is essential to carrying out the activities that are outlined as part of Module 2 or Module 3.