• Satish Kumar Shriyan
    30 years of airline management and consulting experience,Alumni of Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of management Specializes in organizational restructuring, change management, process re-engineering, technology transformation, operations, and marketing
  • Veena Sarachandran
    25 years of HR Practice Experience, Investor, GCC Labour Regulations, etc Alumni of NMIMS, Bombay
  • Krishnan Iyer
    25 years of banking and financial service experience, Alumni of MIT Sloan school of management
  • Saleem Ansari
    25 years of travel and investment banking experience, Alumni of Ashridge business school - London
  • Bharath Vaidyanathan
    25 years of data driven supply chain management experience, Alumni of Alabama University.
  • Mohammed Barwani
    30 years of oil & gas and CIO experience, Alumni of London business school
  • Chaithanya Bandi
    10 years of big data and artificial intelligence solution development experience, Alumni of MIT Boston.
  • Surya Devarakonda
    25 years of IT consulting experience and BFSI entrepreneur
  • Dr MS Rai
    40 years of medical Practice with specialisation in aviation and health tourism
  • Anuradha Chandra
    25 Years of airline and multi-disciplinary motivational coach and master trainer